Other People’s Opinions

Other People’s Opinions

Natalie Jill Other People’s OpinionsYou are getting too old they said
The injuries will stop you they said
You can’t they said
Accept things they said
Who is “they” and why do we let their opinions distract us?

Other people’s opinions won’t help you live up to your fullest potential.

Don’t ignore the power of DECIDING for yourself.

I decided post my injuries that I was coming back stronger than ever and MEANT it

Started with the mindset
Then the nutrition
Then the workouts

You are not too old and
It is not too late

I’ve got SCARS and that’s a good thing! Strive for scars not to be stuck in the wounds. Scars remind us of what we overcome! (If you zoom in you’ll see my right arm) this pic was taken last week.

Working towards redefining age 50! 9 months to go. No matter what your circumstance is RIGHT NOW you can change things!

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Natalie Jill