Body image & PHOTOS

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Welcome to the second installment of #TransparentTuesday video content!

Today’s video topic is all about PHOTOS — specifically, why the hell seeing a photo of yourself sometimes has the power to freak you out and send you into a total body-anxiety/insecurity meltdown.

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself and gone into a shame spiral?Immediately become obsessed with food, exercise, or your weight?Fallen into a rabbit hole looking for “fixes” in the form of anything from acne treatment to botox to cellulite cream to plastic surgery?

This is super common. In today’s video, I explain why!

I also break down some of the specific issues coming up when I tackle this topic with my clients, and give context for which direction your body-neutrality work might need to go in order to keep this from happening.

Watch the video here→

>>Photos Aren’t Facts: Why Photos Can Trigger Body Insecurity/Anxiety<<


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